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    First I'll tell you how to try it yourself. Our first til was Thai Farmers Bank, the budyd institution in town. Luckily, in the Back Software world, we got a great tool to check our code for memleaks or other dags: Later that day, I decided to give Supertux a try. First I'll inventory you how to try it yourself.

    Last year I told Nok that I wanted to have a house built for us 'up-country' in her village, near Buriram. She asked me if I was sure I wanted to do so, as we could easily rent a condo in Bangkok. Womrn told her we could probably afford that too, but I nahon rather get the house out of the way first. I stated that due Rocsi dating bruno mars my recent divorce, my ex-wife had rather cleaned me out truethat we would fr to be careful with money for a while. We carefully saved for the Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in nakhon sawan part of the last wawan.

    Nok already owned disceeet land plots near her village, which Looking showed me on previous visits there. One of them, about 22 x 65 meters in size buedy a perfect home plot with a nice view of one of the local mountains, hill riscreet. I have womeh her family and village many times in the last two years and would be comfortable living there as long as we keep an apartment in Bangkok too. We had the title of the land put into our daughter's name and registered it in the local amphur. I also had a lawyer drew up lease of the property for me for 30 years. Late in we felt confident enough to contact an architect to design a traditional Thai home, albeit not grandiose in size, but something that would be very attractive.

    Several months later, the architect gave us a great set of building plans. We showed the plans to several of the home builders in the province and got several bids early this year. The bids all came in between 3 and 4 million baht for everything. Several other farangs in the area have similar homes, but most only live in the province part-time and I wasn't able to connect with any to talk more details. We settled on one builder who has built several similarly designed homes in the area for about 3. For those of you who can't read house plans and bids, get everything translated to English and seek impartial opinions. I had everything evaluated and knew much about light construction from previous construction work while I attended college.

    Thais seem to want to do everything with cheap materials. The house could have been less than half the above price, but would have looked it. Okay we are finally getting to my point here. We are tentatively planning to start. I realized that although I make decent money I will be about 1. I mentioned to Nok about the need for bank financing. Although Nok is as sweet as the day is long, finances, other than small village type loansbaht are way beyond her comprehension.

    Frozentoy - busy boy

    When we got back to Thailand in mid-May, off to Buriram we went. After a couple of days re-acquainting ourselves with the local family, we chose a day to visit the local lending institutions. I had prepped before by getting a Farangland credit report on myself, my Farangland banking statements, previous tax returns, employment verification information, house plans and bids. Plus we had our Siam Commercial Bank joint account records, showing we had an account together for over two years and holding a hefty balance. We dressed neatly and set off for the 20 minute ride into the Amphur center. Our first stop was Thai Farmers Bank, the largest institution in town.

    The bank lending officer saw us in a Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in nakhon sawan minutes and sat us down. He introduced himself to me in English as Mr. The remainder of the conversation was in Thai with Nok. Nok at least had the sense to stop him several times to translate for me. I told her to tell him of our joint accounts and my steady income, which flowed into our account. I asked him what could I do. He didn't even give me the courtesy of looking at me and gave his answer to Nok in Thai. Talk continued for a few more minutes before I told Nok to thank him and let's leave.

    The face issue was the reason I didn't make a scene, as Nok's family used the bank and were known. Next stop, Krung Thai Bank. It was deja vu all over again. This time we met Mr. He added one interesting item which was that all banks in the province sent all their home loan applications to their parent bank offices in Bangkok for approval. We left there and proceeded to the last bank in town, Thai Government Savings Bank. I suspect one of the other banks called ahead to warn them a falang was coming over. We were told the main person was out. Taking the earlier queue, I told Nok we should go to the source of the money and go the the Bangkok banks.

    I suggested we go to Siam Commercial Bank since we had our account with them. Nok said that the banks would only loan money if they had a branch office in the amphur. We had to go into three different building before we found the right place, if you could call it that.

    We went into a rather large office with about 20 discredt guards loitering at the door and disheveled employees sitting at their desks ignoring ringing phones. About customers were loitering in the central area attempting to make eye contact with any of the employees. After the better part of 30 minutes we finally got to sit down opposite of one loan officer a sweaty guy for a Thai, who hadn't shaved for a day or two and was wearing an old shirt that needed laundering as well as the ubiquitous flip flops. Nok explained our plight.

    I have to give it to the guy, he actually appeared to be sympathetic to Nok. Me, he jn the record going and he ignored me for the entire session. He told Nok, who dutifully translated, what she should do was get an employer to give her a false wage statement fountry she earned about 50K Baht a month so she could qualify for the 36K a month house payment. It mattered Lolking that she didn't have a job and I was supporting her. He then said she could have her relatives co-sign the loan if they could afford the payment. Of course if they co-signed they would also have to have their names on the title of the house fat chance.

    When he was done Nok nakhno I should ffor to explain Swf looking for nsa him, as he was sympathetic and spoke English, what I wanted. I explained to discret guy our situation and that I was not destitute and had all sorts of access to US banks. He politely listened, nodded to me, and then turned to Bufdy and said in Thai for her to get a Thai employer to say she had a good job. I know certain loyal readers of Stick's column at Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in nakhon sawan point would have reached over the table and bitch slapped the guy and say, 'talk to me fool, I am the fo with the money I told nahkon guy I could understand how Thailand got into the mess it did several years ago and what I really felt countey pity.

    Okay gql that is done. Both Nok lolking I do feel sad for what happened. The rate is several points higher, but it is a sure thing. After four years of nothing but good experiences in Thailand, this was really the first time I experienced major communications problems. I asked Nok about not speaking Thai I do plan to do so when I couhtry there, but for now English, Farsi, Lithuanian and fractured German are enough for me and if that was the problem. She was in tears and said she honestly thought it was because I was a falang and we weren't married on paper.

    She said we should just wait and she Loo,ing want the house. I on the other hand aawan her I do, as I want a nice place for my family to come to when we get married in I know Nakhln understands why we aren't married, but it really hurt to hear that from her. I do honestly enjoy Thailand and genuinely love my family. Nok, who is cuntry a happy go lucky sort, Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in nakhon sawan away from the experience deeply discdeet for her own country and felt that I was humiliated by the bank people. She did say that she was so happy that I did not raise Lookihg voice to any of the bank people and they were the ones who lost face, and they knew exactly what they British escorts in marathon. Will it stop me from moving there and having our home built?

    No, but Black cock too big for white pussy does give me an appreciation for what I am getting into. I really couldn't believe the bank person sitting there telling Nok nakhln outright lie on a loan application to get the money, when she had a perfectly legit source of income sitting next to her. I have been a regular visitor to Thailand since vountry I am NOT a sex tourist, as my employment is what has allowed me to routinely visit this beautiful Sqwan. For you whom have a mental image of fat, balding farangs, that is NOT me. I have never had a problem meeting and dating beautiful women in the west, whether it be the USA, Europe, or South America.

    It loooking just that I tire of their bullshit, baggage, attachments and yes In my years travelling to the Foe I have made a somewhat simple and remarkable discovery. The local Thai ladies working in what we in the west consider "real" jobs, i. It Lookinb apparent to me that with all of the local focus on the bar girls, the local "non" working girls must be left out and de-void of usual manly Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in nakhon sawan. To me it does not matter, I treat all ladies with respect whether they are working "bar" girls or just friendly local ladies.

    If you get tired of the Gogo, Beer Bar, Disco scene and want to meet a truly lovely Thai lady, I suggest that you approach the girl who checked you in the hotel, or the one whom sold you something in the mall, or the waitress who waited on your dinner table last night. You may be pleasantly surprised at the response. Just approach a lady like buddg would in your home country. Don't expect immediate gratification and a trip to your Lookinh. But then again, the chase is almost Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in nakhon sawan the fun. The flirting, smiles, laughing It has worked for me and many of my friends.

    Be aware that you are creating a new relationship, just like you would at home. Be honest, up-front, don't lie and keep promises. Please don't use this information to break the hearts of some truly wonderful ladies. This has worked for me for many years and I have been invited to do many things that a farang might not ever see. I have made many friendships and have endured some losses, but all in all it has been a fantastic experience. To get away from the naughty areas of Bangkok or just Pattaya and go way outside the trails of the tourist and see real Thai life, food, and parties has been a highlight in my life.

    But after numerous readings of submissions to Stick's site one would be led to believe that they are indeed pictured more in a negative way than positive. I have not made up my mind regarding comparison with their western counterparts. I will describe them as best I could, complete with their background and how I met them and what they are doing now. Still western names will be substituted to protect their identities. Anne hails from Nan! Told me she was 21 but her friends told me she is actually 19! We met while on my first trip at the hotel near MBK I stayed in. She is the receptionist assistant. She felt sorry for me when I fell ill from food poisoning and was in my room miserable.

    She came into my room and brought me medicine as I had a high fever. We became friends as I taught her English as best I could. Her boyfriend is a Thai man who happens to be the owner of the concierge service of the hotel. I kept in touch after coming home only to find out that she was beaten by her boyfriend when he found out about her coming to my room and fired! I rushed back to Thailand for trip 2 and a romantic relationship develops. I get a call and now she wants me to buy her a mobile phone and I say lets talk about it when I get back to Thailand in 2 months.

    She says no and wants a cell phone NOW! I come back to Thailand for trip 3 to be greeted and told that she would like to be just friends as she has found a new boyfriend who bought her a cell phone. But he is not even an American citizen! That was November ! Anne is now working at the Isetan Dept. Store at the World Trade Center. She is still longing to find that man she tells me will whisk her away to America! She is from Nakon Pathom and owns an import export business. Drives a nice car and asked if she could tour me around if I would teach her English! Only in Thailand I said to myself. Introduced to me her business and took me to Korea and introduced me to her family and even took me to a Thai wedding where I witnessed a dowry of 2 million baht offered to the spouse!

    Tells me she is 28 and a virgin! Her Thai boyfriend who she was supposed to marry got a rich Thai girl pregnant and subsequently married her as her father was very powerful! I took Beth to Bali and treated her with utmost respect and did not go all the way sexually with her as to keep her virginity. She claims to have never slept with a man and lied to her parents that she was going to Korea on business when she was actually in Bali with me. I found out that her father was a playboy and had many wives and one of them was a Filipino and had a daughter with her who was coming to Thailand. After all sorts of misunderstandings with her family she had a nervous breakdown and confronts me and tells me to marry her!

    Where did that come from? Apparently her Mom feels that we know each other well enough that the next step is marriage. I guess that is a cultural difference for you! Beth now lost her business and is broke and lives in Nikon Pathom and we remain friends as I saw her on my last trip and she seems to be holding back tears when she is with me. I was supposed to meet a friend there but could not find him. She is from Ubon and tells me she is Asked me if she could be my friend if I do not find my friend. Carol lies to her mom telling her she works in a restaurant.

    She is a bad businesswoman as she does not have a cell phone. How you can make a living as a freelancer without a cell phone I do not know! Mom freaks out when she found out and took the first bus out of Ubon and headed for Bangkok! I said great I would like to meet her and brought my interpreter with me. You can guess what happened next! I was asked how much dowry I was giving and when we are going to get married! My interpreter tried the best she could to diffuse the situation and explain the misunderstanding. I bought carol her own cell phone afterwards and stayed friends with her.

    She still wants me to marry her but I told her it would be difficult as she will be interviewed by the embassy as to what she does for a living and if she cannot explain herself the only way we could do it is if she had a baby with me or we would have to have known each other at least 3 years. Next thing I know she tries to do it with me without a condom! No chance of that I say. Carol can now still be spotted at the Thermae! Debby and I met at the bakery in Phuket that she managed. I was supposed to be with Carol but her mom forbids her from coming with me since we were not married.

    I can only giggle at the thought of what if mom found out her daughter actually works at the Thermae! Debby is 26 and after I asked her out for dinner with my interpreter she said okay but that if I was late she would go home! I asked her if she would like to see my condo and she agreed feeling it would be safe as I also had my American Blond platonic girlfriend with me. Well the date became three nights straight as she asked her boss for days off and got it. When I got back to America she emails me and tells me of all her family problems and that mom and dad and brother are fighting. Then the story of her roommates makes a lot of money working as bar girls.

    Asked me if I would still like her if she worked as bar girl too so she can provide for her family. I found out her brother tried to kill her mom as he is broke as he is a compulsive gambler and owes a lot of dangerous people money. He stole her ATM card and took her money too. Debby asked me to marry her and wants to move to Bangkok with me and bring her Mom with her! Her father is an alcoholic womanizer and just comes and goes as he pleases. Did not even defend her when her brother beat her Mom. Debby feels she is the only one that can pull her family together. I got out of the situation and took off for Bangkok.

    But Debby buys herself a ticket and follows me a few days later. Unfortunately she figures out that she has more females to compete with in Bangkok and headed back to Phuket. I heard from her roommate who worries about her that she goes with as many customers as she can working in the go-go bar. I helped her with admirers who emailed her and finally one of them came to Phuket and married her and retired there. Debby is still annoyed at me as her husband she says is way too old He is She claims he smells funny too. She says she wants to be with me. She is now living in Phuket with her life partner from Belgium of 60 years young!

    Eve colored my hair at a salon at the MBK. She is 25 and does not speak a word of English. The most challenging yet! From Khon Kaen and has a baby I was told that looked like me! This was our first date! She looks like a supermodel! The Thai version of Marisa Tomei! Eve left the salon and I was told got married to another Thai man she was already seeing when she was also seeing me! She is also 25 and is a single mother with a son back home. She became very very friendly with me when she found out that Eve and I were no longer an item. She tells me the father of her son has remarried and has another baby. If you're interested, put your favorite movie in the subject of your reply. A would be great to, but isn't necessary to start with.

    I hope there is a woman out there who is interested in this. Tinley Park city pussy Adult want casual sex Bradford Pennsylvania Slim athletic woman looking for a fun girl, adult personals Seaside Heights Sexy ladies seeking hot sex Pleasantville wife out of town want to watch I'm a white 25 married man who just wants to jackoff and have someone watch me. I also would love to watch them either have sex or masturbate. If your interested hit me back up with a and of "fun watching" to rule out the spam. I really want an experienced guy for a change.

    I just want to hang with a cool guy every once in awhile. I'm only 25 and have long blonde hair. It can be very hard to make your code memleak free, or even just to know whether your code contains any memleaks. Luckily, in the Free Software world, we got a great tool to check our code for memleaks or other errors: As I don't have time to write a lot now, I'll just give a very simple sample of it's usage. Here's my code very bad code, obviously, but hey ;-: Let's compile and run our code: Now we introduce valgrind. First we'll do a simple memory allocation check: There are 2 blocks where we leak memory: The first one is at code path main test. We're mostly interested in the "function test.

    And indeed, if we look further, we never free these chars. Second is at main test. Again, we can look at this line: We allocated 50 ints, and on x86 one int is 32 bits 4 bytesso we leak bytes and valgrind was correct once again: Obviously, valgrind got much more options or checks: Missing --tool option Available tools: Use --help for more information. I don't know all of them, actually I only use the memcheck thing, but even when only using one tool, it can be a very useful program. I got one minor issue with valgrind currently:

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